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The Impact of Spending

Spending Last Academic Year


An outline of spending for 2016-17 is as follows:

Booster Classes






Revision guides


Loan of Laptops/I-Pads




One-to-One Tuition


Parental Involvement


Residential Visits




Social/Cultural Visits


After school minibus


PP Interventions Coordinator


Education Welfare Officer (50%)


Attendance Officer (50%)


Inclusion Teacher


Inclusion Worker


TA 121 in English and maths


English teacher


Maths teacher







Spending is tracked on a centrally administered provision map.


Assessing the Impact of Spending

We surveyed pupils currently in Y12 about their experiences of interventions in Y11. Although we surveyed all pupils, the charts below include only responses from pupils in receipt of pupil premium.

Free Revision Guides

We supply pupils with a revision guide for each subject they take, free of charge. They are ordered and distributed by the Pupil Premium Intervention Coordinator, a process of which parents are informed but which requires no input from them. Pupils found these quite useful or very useful. This year we intend to get more value from them by inviting parents to a meeting at which the guides are given out so that we can show them some ways of revising with their children.



One to One or One to Two Tuition

We employed tutors through a tutoring agency to work with a small number of pupils selected on the basis of academic need. The impact was very low and the cost high. Although pupils were positive about the experience, the results were sufficiently disappointing to prevent us from repeating this intervention.



Revision Minibus

So that any pupil who wanted to could stay after school for revision sessions, we provided a free minibus taxi service to take home pupils who lived further away than walking distance and whose parents were unable to pick them up for whatever reason. Pupils value this service highly and we will continue to provide it.



Revision Breakfasts

We provide free hot breakfasts to pupils immediately before morning exams. Teachers join pupils in the canteen with revision materials and give support for last minute preparation. Take-up from disadvantaged pupils is high and this intervention is popular. We will continue to offer it, and look at ways to provide a breakfast club throughout the year, not just during the exam season.



Revision Sessions

The majority of subjects provide revision sessions before or after school throughout the year. At the intervention team meeting, we discuss which pupils we should direct into which interventions. At the Pre-Exam Preparation Planning Meeting, we discuss with pupils and parents which interventions they are attending and which they should attend, and agree rewards for attendance. The sessions are popular and effective.



Pre-Exam Preparation Planning Meeting

This meeting is held between a mentor, a pupil in receipt of pupil premium and at least one parent or carer. We discuss interventions, plan a revision timetable, take requests for stock orders and generally help the pupil and their parent or carer to make an efficient plan to use the months leading up to the exams in as productive a way as possible. Although not one of the most popular interventions with pupils, this meeting is effective in engaging parents. We will be repeating this intervention this year as part of an extended programme designed to engage the parents of disadvantaged pupils.