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Library Manager – Mrs Harding


The Library is located in the center of the school opposite the English corridor and offers a comprehensive selection of reading material for all year groups. We have over 27,000 resources, including a wide selection of non-fiction and reference material, a huge range of fiction from the classics to the most recent releases, a selection of current magazines and daily newspapers are available. There is also an Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) area including Post 16 & Post 18 options. The library is a comfortable and quiet environment for research and learning.

The college uses, an online interactive library system, where students can access their library account, search for books and resources, reserve items of their choice from a PC in any area of the school. The imls app is available for both android and apple, which gives pupils access to library searches, reservations and renewals.

Using the Library could not be easier; all the fiction books are arranged alphabetically and for, for non-fiction, by the Dewey Decimal system. The Library is staffed from 8.45am until 3.45pm, so there will always be someone there during the school day to help you find what you want. You don’t even need to remember a library card as we use the same simple fingerprint recognition software as we do in the canteen.

In our view, a successful library is a busy, full library, where every pupil know how to access the resources, and uses those resources to enrich their studies, develop their skills as an independent learner making full use of the information and guidance on offer. We also want our pupils to read the wonderful books we have available for the sheer love of it. There is something here for everyone, but if there is a particular book or magazine that you would like to see in the library, just ask and we’ll see what we can do.

We work closely with the local primary schools and the library is proud to participate in an induction day for all Year 6 pupils who join Cromwell each year. Pupils from all year groups will frequently have lessons in the Library, using either the paper resources or the suite of computers. On Monday & Wednesday after school, a Homework Club supported by TAs runs from 3:20pm until 5pm. An induction to the Library is also offered to 6th form students who are considering joining Cromwell for their Post-16 studies. There is a printer and copier for pupil use and we stock a limited range of stationary supplies at cost price which can be purchased through ParentPay.

Visitors to the Library will often be met by one of our fabulous Pupil Librarians running the desk, just one of the many roles they take on. Pupils interested in training as a Pupil Librarian should speak to Mrs Harding, who is always looking to swell the ranks of her team.




Pupil user names and passwords are available from Mrs Harding in the Library.