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Cromwell Community College

Student Leadership at cromwell community college

The Student Leadership is currently under review for Autumn 2020

At Cromwell Community College we believe that students should be given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills in preparation for life beyond school. 


We provide many opportunities as part of our pupil voice provision which has a big impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning and allows pupils to voice their opinions as to how they would like to see the College move forward. You can find out more about our school and year councils, and democracy at Cromwell on our student voice page. 

There are many more leadership opportunities and we are proud of the way that our pupils and students embrace the challenge of the roles they take on and by the way they represent their school, both in College and in the local community.

Anybody can apply for the student leadership roles and we are usually spoilt for choice.

The student leadership opportunities are:

Student Senior Leaders

These roles will filled by post 16 students and are the most senior leaders of the College.

The young people are expected to provide a positive public profile of the pupil body especially at formal events such as Awards Evening and Open Evening and they are expected to speak publicly at these events. They will also meet regularly with the Junior Head Girl and Junior Head Boy to support them in fulfilling their duties.

Furthermore the senior leaders will liaise with the sixth form ambassadors and report back to Mrs Paul (Director of Post 16) on all issues relating to post 16 life. They will be expected to act as a conduit by which concerns and issues and aspirations can be communicated to our Principal, Mrs Horn and her senior leadership team.

We will also invite the Senior Student Leaders to attend a governors meeting to give feedback to governors on issues arising and student voice

Senior Sixth Form Ambassadors

The senior sixth form ambassadors will lead the Sixth Form Student Voice Committee, providing feedback to the senior student leaders. They will chair the charity fundraising committee, the student voice committee, sports committee and the social events committee.

Furthermore, senior sixth form ambassadors will provide a positive image of the college for pupils and the public alike.

Sixth Form Ambassadors

Ambassadors will be members of the committees described above. They will also support tutor groups in the lower school. Ambassadors will also be expected to represent the College at public events.

Sixth Form Mentors

A sixth form mentor will act as a role model for all pupils in the college. The role involves working with the more challenging pupils in the lower school, which there will be extensive training for, this role also offers support to the year 11 mentors.