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Cromwell Community College

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Thank you for considering Cromwell Community College as your route to teacher training.

We offer both primary and secondary teacher training. Our secondary training takes place at Cromwell Community College and at a number of local schools with whom we have a close team of highly qualified Mentors and Professional Tutors. Our primary training takes place at a select number of schools in the local area. You can see which schools we work with via here.

Information about our School Direct places and additional background information can be found through Apply. You can search for Cromwell Community College by the name directly or by the post code PE16 6UU.

Naturally you should have a degree in a subject closely related to that of your application, although not necessarily at the point of application. Candidates will need to have a GCSE in Maths and English at C grade or above, and also Science for primary applications.

Places for many courses fill rapidly and we typically look to call applicants for interview as soon as possible following the opening of applications. For courses starting in September 2023, applications are now open at on the gov.uk 'Find Teacher Training Tool' here. The 'Find Teacher Training Tool' will show you all current availability.

You can contact Lyndsey Williams, our Induction Tutor, directly with any teacher training questions here.