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Cromwell Community College

Student Enrichment

Sixth Form Leadership Opportunities

School Council Leadership

Head Student in Year 13

2 Deputy Head Students in Year 13


  • Organise School Council sessions with the other leaders linked to a specific year group
  • Run one of either the Confidence, Respect or Success Council
  • Complete Student Voice with their year groups
  • Meet half termly with the Senior Leadership Team
  • Partake in assemblies
  • Input into the Cambridgeshire Student Forum

Community Leadership


  • Liaise with Head of Primary Phase re roles in primary phase. This may include readers, listening to the students, TA roles. General volunteering within the primary phase.
  • Liaise with the local care homes and organise an afternoon tea in school
  • A role within Remembrance Day organisation
  • Links to the local church
  • Links to the local foodbank
  • Public speaking roles at open evenings

Charity Leadership


  • Liaise with a Sixth Form Tutor/TBC to decide charity fundraising for the academic year and choose the charities
  • Complete a charity board advertising the events
  • Promote fundraising
  • Canvas the school population for the charities to represent
  • Publish and advertise the charity fundraising successes

 Academic Mentors

1 Sixth Form student to represent each subject area


  • Become a subject specialist for a specific subject in KS3/4
  • Liaise with the Head of Department/Head of Faculty
  • Volunteer to work with students either in lessons or on a one to one, offering subject specific guidance. Overall organisation and monitoring with Mrs Paul/Mrs Fisher
  • Discussion of successful study skills and retrieval ideas with lower school delivering assemblies

Senior Subject Ambassadors

1 student in year 12

1 student in year 13


  • To meet pupils selected by Heads of Year to engage in pupil voice
  • Meet with Middle Leaders in different subjects to discuss pupil feedback

Sports Committee Leadership

2 Sixth Form leaders


  • To meet with the Head of PE on a half-termly basis to provide feedback and suggestions on the PE curriculum and College sport
  • To assist in the end of term sports assembly
  • To communicate with the Sports Captains regarding suggestions prior to meetings
  • To provide feedback of meetings to Sport Captains
  • Motivate and encourage healthy active lifestyles
  • To actively participate in sport in College

House Captain Leadership

4 Sixth Form leaders


  • Meet with Enrichment Lead and Learning Hub Manager to discuss house competitions
  • Inspire, motivate and lead
  • Ensure all houses have full representation in all competitions

Wellbeing Mentors

2 Sixth Form leaders

As many as offer for the actual role


  • To attend and participate in mentor training sessions and meetings
  • To undertake regular meetings with your mentee during form time; as well as making yourself available to your mentee to contact you during break times as the need arises
  • To support your mentee with social and mental health concerns, helping identify issues and offering guidance
  • To support your mentee where relevant, with improving literacy, numeracy and other subjects
  • Seeking help from staff members, for yourself and your mentee where required
  • Sharing concerns about your mentee or other pupils with relevant staff members
  • To act as a role model to others in the College
  • To organise the lower school mentors

Anti-Bullying Committee

2 from each year (but more if interested)


  • To attend and participate in half termly meetings
  • Support younger mentees
  • Sharing concerns about students with relevant staff members
  • To act as a role model to others in the College
  • To organise the lower school committee members

Reading Mentors

As many as offer for the actual role


  • To attend and participate in reading mentor training sessions and meetings
  • To undertake regular meetings with your mentee during the allotted times
  • To support your mentee with reading and vocabulary development through a range of strategies
  • Seek help from staff members, for yourself and your mentee where required
  • Share concerns about your mentee or other pupils with relevant staff members
  • To act as a role model for reading to others in the College

 Personal Development Programme

At Cromwell we aim to make our Personal Development (PD) curriculum vibrant by providing a number of outside speakers, gaining hands on life skills and fundraising. There are also a variety of trips for both information and guidance and for fun.

Below is the outline of activities in Year 12 which take place during PD sessions: 


Student Leadership


Planning external Work Experience

Prevent Training

Unifrog Careers

Body Image

Illnesses in Young Adults

Testicular & Breast Cancer Awareness


Individual Mentor Sessions

Work Experience interviews

Recognising common mental health issues with the MHST

Blesma - resilience and adversity

Study Skills with Lincoln University


Dhiverse - Consent and Sexual Harassment

Yoga for Mental Health

Study Skills

Terrance Higgins Trust

Police Awareness - Drinks Spiking and Keeping Safe

Life Skills - Sewing


Individual Mentor Sessions


Christmas Quiz


Police - Driving Laws and Responsibilities

Appreciating Other Faiths

Police Awareness - Gangs, County Lines & Weapons

Finance for Life

Individual Work Experience Interviews



Speaking Publicly with Confidence

Wiring a Plug


Individual Mentor Sessions

Year 12 Work Experience week

Thank You Letters

Online Safety


Revision Planning & Preparing for Exams

Mindfulness Ideas

Dhiverse - Healthy Relationships

Drugs Alert

Debating Current Affairs

Individual Mentor Sessions


Planning your Next Steps

Mock Exam Week

Suffolk University - Student Finance Talk

Apprentices with the Aim Group


Gap Years

Alumni Talks

Laws and How it Affects Me

General Knowledge Quiz - House Competition

UCAS Applications and CV Workshops


Individual Mentor Sessions

Personal statement writing and apprenticeships

Finance for Life

Cooking on a Budget - Practical


Mock Interviews

Fake News

Afternoon Tea

End of Year Trip


We have additional speakers coming into the college to speak to our post 16 students on important issues such as, voting and how to register, and the National Citizenship Scheme.

We also offer educational trips and visits to various destinations:

  • The Houses of Parliament and the London Eye
  • Lessons from Auschwitz - Poland
  • European Visit
  • University Open Day
  • Alton Towers

In Year 13 our focus from September to December is UCAS, apprenticeships, CV writing and interview skills.

From January onwards we want each of our Year 13 students to have a very specific mentoring session. This means the personal development slot is used for academic mentoring sessions on a one to one basis. This includes discussion around study skills, attendance, future dreams and current performance.