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 A page for people who love to solve problems! Go solo, challenge or work with your friends and family to work out the solutions. Email your answers here for a chance to win prizes!

Problem 1

Problem 1

Find words to fit the clues. Each group of crosses should be replaced with the same three letters.

What are the words?

_ _ _ X X X _ _ _      Arced shape

_ _ _ _ _ X X X          A syrup

_ _ _ X X X                Edible seeds



Problem 2

What number should appear next in this sequence?

2304    288    48    12    ?



Problem 3

A teacher writes six words on a board: “cat dog has max dim tag.” She gives three students, Albert, Bernard and Cheryl each a piece of paper with one letter from one of the words. Then she asks, “Albert, do you know the word?” Albert immediately replies yes. She asks, “Bernard, do you know the word?” He thinks for a moment and replies yes. Then she asks Cheryl the same question. She thinks and then replies yes. What is the word?






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