Sixth form Dress code


SIXTH FORM DRESS CODE                                                                                                                          

Our sixth form are student leaders in the school community. Their dress and appearance must therefore be appropriate to support and encourage the ethos of the school and the uniform and appearance policies in operation in Years 7 to 11.


We do not expect you to wear a uniform for school but we do expect you to follow this dress code: you are ambassadors for the college and you set the standards which aspiring learners in lower year groups will follow.


Sixth form students are required to wear their ID badge visibly at all times when in college.



Not Appropriate


Dark coloured



Full length


Blue or black jeans

Combat trousers

No ripped jeans/shorts/clothing

No short shorts

Beach/swim shorts

Tracksuits (*)




Professional appearance


Combat style

Clothing more than 5cm above the knee


Shirts with collars

Ties are encouraged with tailored shirts – looks good with a suit!

Tops must cover shoulders and waist

Large logos/pictures/motifs

T-shirts/vests tops/off the shoulder tops

No low cut tops

No crop tops


Jumpers or Jackets

May be any colour

Must cover waist


No hoodies

Large logos/pictures/motifs




Court shoes – medium heel

Shoes with heels higher than 5cm

Flip Flops or strappy sandals

Backless shoes



Plain or discreet with simple pattern

Leggings can be worn in place of tights


Body Art

All body art must be covered

Visible tattoos

Hairstyles and jewellery

Discreet jewellery can be worn

No extreme hair styles/colours

Body Piercings


Obvious piercings such as nose, eyebrow, tongue and other body piercings can be a health and safety hazard and are therefore not acceptable


Health & Safety requirements may dictate that there are specific subject regulations as regards jewellery, false nails etc.


(*) Sports Studies students can wear tracksuits for lessons, when appropriate.


If the dress code has been breached, we will follow the appropriate routes:


  • Tutors are responsible for the monitoring of the dress code so will highlight this to students in the first instance and inform parents if continual
  • Students may be asked to go home and change if no improvement
  • The Director of Post-16 Studies reserves the right to ask students who persistently do not adhere to the dress code to leave the College.