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After attending Cromwell Community College for the last 5 years, I thought it would be a great choice of place to study for my A levels.

Securing the role of Head boy in Year 11 was an absolute highlight, along with receiving the Active Learning Trust award for resilience, these two factors influenced my decision to stay and study at Cromwell Sixth Form.

The vast array of opportunities on offer, including career webinars and open days has made Cromwell Sixth Form a vibrant place to be.

The support has been immeasurable, especially for my application as an Army Officer, along with the guidance for the Army Officer Selection Board in Westbury, which resulted in me gaining an Army Officer Scholarship at Sandhurst.

The subjects I chose to study at A level were maths, physics and computer science. Whenever I was unsure of a topic, my teachers were more than happy to explain and give revision materials to further my understanding. This again demonstrates the great help and support you receive socially and mentally when you attend Cromwell Sixth Form.


The 5 years at Cromwell for secondary education meant that it was already a welcoming and comfortable place to continue my learning into Sixth Form. The learning style may be different, but the transition was made a smooth one by the support of teachers and tutors.

The subject teachers are all more than willing to offer encouragement, advice and assist you in setting useful goals to help you get what you want out of your Sixth Form experience. I'm taking biology, chemistry and maths, and any questions that I had were answered and I was put at ease, meaning I could focus on the learning. The amount of contact with teachers at Cromwell is invaluable.


There's a wide range of enrichment opportunities available, with options that can provide access to another qualification or help you to develop your confidence and try different skills. Links to lectures and small courses are constantly being sent out so you can start to build your material for university applications which is endlessly helpful.

Learning at Cromwell has helped improve confidence, social skills and has provided me with the tools I need to continue to university.


I'm a simple man, I don't like a lot of change and I appreciate a good school, so luckily Cromwell Community College worked for me.

Since year 7, I have grown and developed my personality, gaining good grades along the way so I thought it would be wise to continue that journey for two more years.

For my A levels I chose business, law and history. These subjects were picked after the brilliant GCSE experience.

The teaching in all three of these subjects is excellent, allowing me to thrive independently but providing support if needed. 

The classroom environments are filled with respect and a willingness to learn which pushes me further. The study room allows a quiet space and is the perfect place to concentrate on independent studies.

The number of opportunities Cromwell Sixth Form provides for its pupils is quite extraordinary, I feel as if there is so much, I can get involved in, including trips to Parliament, Rome and the Theatre. Cromwell Sixth Form has a great ethos to learn.


I chose to come to Cromwell Sixth Form as I already knew my teachers and had a good working relationship with them. Also, I already knew the dynamics of the school meaning it was a smooth transition from secondary school to Sixth Form.

One of my highlights in Year 12 was completing my EPQ on ‘Will designer babies be a positive aspect to society?’

As part of the learning process, I contacted Lord Professor Robert Winston to discuss eugenics and he agreed to an hour’s interview, this was an amazing experience.

The small class sizes mean that the learning is individually focused and there is a greater chance of 1 to 1 mentoring when you are struggling. In addition, in my opinion it is one of the best sixth forms in the county meaning I have the opportunity to gain the top grades.