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What Our Students Think

"I chose to leave Cromwell in September to study my A levels in Maths, Chemistry and Biology at a different school in Cambridgeshire. As expected, the transition from GCSE study to A-level study was difficult. It was a period of time where teacher support and advice is essential to provide a smooth transition. However, I did not feel that the standard of this at my new sixth form was as high as I had previously expected. I returned back to Cromwell in January as I knew the pastoral care was exceptional and the support I would receive would benefit me. Within a couple of days I became familiar with the way the 6th form was run and the workload that I received. The teaching styles in all lessons differ, meaning that lessons are engaging and allow students to work in a way which is best for them.  The resources are useful at Cromwell as we have a large sixth form study room with computers and teacher support if it is needed, allowing me to do my work in a suitable environment. Since January, I have received many opportunities to go on UCAS trips to provide me with ideas for post 18 education. I wish to study Biomedical science at university when I leave Cromwell and I believe this is achievable due to the extensive support from everybody at the school. I am always being pushed to work to the best of my abilities and I am excited to continue with my journey through the sixth form and into adult life, with the knowledge and responsibilities which staff at Cromwell have provided me with." Megan, Year 13.


"I came to Cromwell in year 12; making this move from another school in the local area. The most helpful part of the transition was the induction days and tours of the school site, this meant I was able to get a feel for what the school environment was like and the school lay out. This meant that I could experience how a normal day flows and how the sixth form area is laid designed. This area is very neatly laid out into three areas making the compact sixth form area more comfortable so everyone can work in different areas and in different ways. The overall friendliness of everyone in sixth form especially the dedicated teacher’s means that it is a safe working environment and the course work that needs to be done can be completed in a personal style. The well-structured, enthusiastic content of each lesson delivered by every sixth form teacher makes learning a lot more enjoyable. My future plans are to gain an apprenticeship placement in the composite area of work to become a composite material laminator or follow my passion for aviation to become a private or commercial pilot." Chris, Year 13.


"The main reason I decided to stay on at Cromwell to complete my A levels was the small class sizes. I study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and small class sizes are very advantageous for these subjects especially. It allows more interaction with the teacher; more opportunities to ask any questions you may have and allows for time to discuss around the subject with your peers to help consolidate your learning. I also really liked the community the sixth form has. There are always people willing to help if you are stuck, including the teachers who are very approachable, and this was especially helpful at the start of year 12 when I was getting to grips with the subjects I was studying. I also liked how there is always opportunities outside your studies to volunteer or partake in a leadership role. The sixth form has various ambassadors, such as ambassadors of mentoring, sports or social events and even other more senior leadership roles such as Senior Head Girl or Boy. I was chosen to be this year’s Senior Head Girl and I am already looking forward to the opportunities the title will bring me!" Caitlin, Year 13.


"Having come from a different college in the area, I have found getting used to the layout of the school easy. The sixth form area is split into 3 sections which can help with the style of how you can work. With a quiet study room with access to computers, a social room if you want to do group work or relax and an area for a combination of both. The teachers help as much as they can to reduce the difficulty of the transition between A level and GCSE. This is provided through extra work or through moral support. Being free to choose how you spend private studies definitely helps to reduce the stress of A-levels." -  David, Year 13